• Viking bust sculpt
    Viking bust

    Personal project, made in Zbrush, rendered in Cinema4D.

  • Burnout car
    Burnout car model

    Clay render of a mobile game ready model of a burnout car, based on real life reference.

  • Grumpy old man
    Grumpy old man

    Personal project, sculpted and hand painted in ZBrush

  • Cat house - Unity preview
    Cat house - model

    Real time render of a house I made for a game "Kitten Super Adventure".

  • Orc warrior - game ready model
    Orc Warrior model

    Game ready model of an Orc Warrior. Personal project

  • Space ship concept art - Player
    Space ship - Player - Concept art

    Concept art I made for one of my upcoming games. More updates soon

  • Medieval Knife - PBR render
    Medieval Knife PBR

    Unity5 PBR ready medieval knife model

  • Samurai generals - game ready
    Samurai generals

    Mobile game ready models of Samurai generals for the WIP game "Death of the Samurai" by PocketFame

  • Windmill - archviz
    Stone Windmill

    Visualization of a stone windmill.

  • Tree house - game ready
    Tree house

    Game ready models of a Tree house. Made for an upcoming game "Just Beneath The Skin 3D"

  • Cat house - Concept art
    Cat house - concept

    Concept art I made for a game "Kitten Super Adventure".

  • Space ship concept art - Enemy 01
    Space ship - Enemy 01 - Concept art

    Concept art I made for one of my upcoming games. More updates soon

  • Medieval house concept art
    Medieval house - Concept art

    Concept art of a medieval house

  • Metal materials for C4D
    Metal materials pack for Cinema4D

    Collection of metal materials/shaders for Cinema4D

  • Fantasy sword concept art
    Fantasy sword - Concept art

    Concept art of a fantasy sword for a personal project

  • Steampunk runner concept art
    Steampunk Runner - Concept art

    Concept art of a Steampunk runner robot for a personal project

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Hi, my name is David Zulic and I am the founder of BatzStudio. I'm freelancing 3D artist and game developer located in Vienna, Austria and also I am a student at TU Wien (Computer Engineering). I have roughly 10 years of experience working as 3D modeler, animator and texture/material/rendering artist, and in the last few years I started making games for myself but also as a service. If you like my portfolio and believe that my skills can be useful for your project, or you just want to get in touch, please feel free to contact me.

What do I do?

Currently I have specialized in making game-ready characters, buildings and props, ranging from ultra low poly models optimized for mobile games to PC/Console quality ones. Besides that I have multiple years of experience working on architectural and mechanical visualizations, both through still renders and animations. Although I have some basic knowledge of most mainstream 3D software, I am specialized in use of Maxon Cinema4D and Pixologic Zbrush.
Also I am an independent game developer, specialized in use of Unity3D as a main engine/development environment, working both for myself and freelancing for third-party clients. If you have an awesome game idea and you need someone to realize it, or just need help with some parts of your project feel free to drop me a message.
To see my latest works please visit my portfolio.


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